Over the past few years, Vietnam has been gaining immense popularity amongst Indian travellers. While destinations like Thailand and Singapore were previously and still are the most popular Southeast Asian destinations for Indians, Vietnam is fast emerging as a new favourite. With its charming cities, beautiful landscapes, rich culture and great value, Vietnam has something for every type of traveller. The country has witnessed a surge in visitors from India in recent times and there are good reasons behind this increasing popularity.

At Infinite Journeys, we offer customised tour packages to various exotic destinations across the world, and Vietnam Tours consistently ranks high in demand. Let’s explore why Vietnam is becoming popular with Indian travellers.

Vietnam Offers Diverse Experiences Across Regions

From north to south, Vietnam offers hugely varied experiences across its different regions. From the vibrant cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to the scenic coastlines and landscapes of Halong Bay, Da Nang, Da Lat and Hoi An, each region has its distinct charm. Indian travellers appreciate the diversity on offer, allowing them to experience different aspects of Vietnam on a single trip. The North is known for its colonial architecture, cuisine and scenic countryside while Central Vietnam offers beaches, tunnels and greenery. The South has lively cities along with the iconic Mekong Delta. This variety keeps travellers engaged throughout their trip.

Value For Money

Vietnam has developed a reputation as one of the most affordable destinations in Southeast Asia. While the standard of facilities and services continues to rise, costs remain very reasonable. For Indian tourists used to high prices back home, Vietnam presents excellent value for money. Expenses like accommodation, food and transport are very pocket-friendly compared to other regional destinations. This affordability enables Indian visitors to spend more time exploring the country without worrying too much about budgets. The average Indian traveller finds Vietnam a very cost-effective option.

Thriving street food culture

Food is an integral part of the Vietnamese culture and travellers love experiencing the country through its diverse and flavoursome cuisine. From pho to fresh seafood, the street food scene is truly outstanding. What’s more, tourists can enjoy these delicious and authentic dishes at very nominal costs. Wandering through the lively streets, alleys and night markets, sampling different food is a memorable highlight for many Indian visitors to Vietnam. It also gives them an insightful look into the local way of life. The thriving street food culture adds tremendously to the appeal of Vietnam.

Growing Air Connectivity

Earlier limited air connectivity was a hurdle for Indian travellers considering Vietnam. However, air routes between the two countries have expanded significantly in recent years. Major Indian carriers like Air India, Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines now offer regular and affordable direct flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh from different Indian cities, such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. The increased flight options have made Vietnam much more accessible, reducing travel time and efforts. This convenience is a big attraction driving more Indians to opt for Vietnam in their travel itineraries.

Rich cultural experiences

Beyond sightseeing, Vietnam allows deep exploration of its cultural heritage. From the spiritual sanctuaries, pagodas and temples reflecting Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese influences to traditions preserved in places like Hoi An, the cultural experiences are exceptionally rich and diverse. Many Indian visitors are keen on gaining a nuanced understanding of Vietnamese traditions, arts, architecture, performance arts, crafts and more. The interactions with friendly local people further enhance the cultural immersion. Appreciating a different way of life expands one’s perspectives, keeping history and culture enthusiasts engaged throughout their trip to Vietnam.

Off-the-beaten-path charm

While main attractions like Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh City see large tourist crowds, Vietnam still retains plenty of lesser-explored areas with untouched natural beauty and rural charm. Spots like Ninh Binh, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Son Tra Peninsula and Mui Ne offer a more unique, local experience, away from the busy tourist hubs. Indian travellers enjoy venturing off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems. The uniqueness of destinations still untapped by mass tourism adds to the novelty. It also allows for more meaningful interactions with local communities in their environment. This unique, authentic aspect continues to appeal to travellers from India.


Overall, Vietnam presents a compelling case as a fast-emerging Southeast Asian hotspot. Its versatile experiences spanning cultures, landscapes, cuisines and activities coupled with great value continue drawing more Indians each year. With the travel infrastructure also improving regularly, Vietnam promises to emerge as a leading long-haul holiday destination for Indian travellers. As ever-curious Indian explorers look for new frontiers, Vietnam will certainly remain high on their radar in the coming years.

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