Let's plan your holidays, together !

In an age where Internet Exposure is touching new heights everyday, Travel Industry is contributing immensely to business transacted on the web. People spend huge amount of time to find the "best deal" available online from the plethora of travel websites that are available today.

While many would prefer to go with safety and surety of booking with their trusted Travel Agent, there may be situations where you would prefer to book your Travel Online or direct. Many times you have a friend who is working with a hotel and you would need to book directly or you have a membership with a Resort Chain or you have to redeem points for your stay or you have a discount deal going on your Credit Card or in some cases you may simply have a very good deal available online.

So what's the problem in just going ahead and booking your Tour Online? Travel Planning can be complex and stressful. One wrong, inappropriate, out of turn, uninformed booking can disrupt the entire itinerary and in some cases can even cause financial loss. Some of the areas where typically one can go wrong while booking online include

  • Booking oneself at a destination on a day on which monuments have a weekly off.
  • Booking hotels just based on a good deal rather than on authentic first-hand reviews
  • Booking hotels at Wildlife destinations, without booking Safaris
  • Booking International "Via" Tickets without taking into account Transit Visa Rules
  • Making a booking without knowing proper Passport / Visa Requirements.
  • Not booking in a correct / shortest routing order while booking a multi-destination Itinerary

Since you book online and it is an instant purchase, any changes after that normally have financial implications.

In order to avoid these inconveniences and to make an informed choice, we offer a unique product of "TRAVEL CONSULTANCY"!

Our highly experienced select team will sit across the table with you and help you book the perfect holiday. This will involve sittings with the guest, understanding your requirements, suggesting the correct itinerary, suggesting well reviewed Hotels. We can also suggest you Agents, transporters, Guides who have an excellent track record in the industry and with whom you can be sure of a hassle free programme. In some cases we may also be able to direct you to the sites which may have the best deals going. Finally once the itinerary is planned along with recommended Hotels and other services, you can then find the best deal for the recommended Hotels online and book the same on your own.

This Option gives you the best of both worlds, wherein you have the freedom to avail of the best deal available online by booking yourself and at the same time being assured that you are making right and informed choices.

So go ahead and Talk to our Experts
before you plan your next Holiday!

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