“The Vision Of Infinite Journeys Pvt. Ltd. Is To Be Recognized As A Credible Name That Offers An Unparalleled Holiday Experience Across The Globe. We Wish To Be Recognized As A Travel Agency That's Passionate About Traveling, Exploring And Holiday Planning, To Whom The Knowledge Of Offbeat, Less Traveled Destinations And Unique Travel Experiences Come Naturally”.


We strive to maintain the highest operational standards in order to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Integrity and Transparency

We deliver what we promise and only promise what we can deliver.


We respect the trust that you have bestowed on us. We listen to you to understand your requirements and go to any lengths to exceed your service expectations. Occasionally we could disagree with you and would then come up with options that would better your travel experiences.


We have an excellent corporate culture and working environment that makes our company a pleasant place to work in. This makes it easier for us to treat you with courtesy, with a friendly smile on our face and in our voice. We strive to ensure that your travel planning experience is as memorable as the travel itself.

Fair Pricing Policy

With us, you will not be required to "compare" or "cross-check". We operate on honest margins and would like you to come back to us again for value for money services and experiences that we offer.

Why Us

Our Travel Planners are passionate travelers

Our team is made up of experts for whom work is passion. Each one is a traveler first, a travel consultant later. So you can be rest assured that all our tours have been assembled with utmost detailing.

Travel Surveys

Itineraries that we suggest and the Hotels/Resorts that we recommend are a result of thousand of kms of journey that we undertake every year to reassure ourselves that the options that we offer to you are nothing but the Best. We inspect the hotels, taste the food and work towards ensuring you an experience that's tried, tested, well researched and surveyed. We also maintain a photo record of the destinations and the accommodation facilities to assure you that 'what you see will be what you get'.

We are Selective

We suggest Hotels/Resorts that have a "character". Our suggestion could vary from a Homestay to a 5 Star / Boutique Resort. Whatever it may be, do stay assured that the same will have a unique character.

24 x 7 Assistance

While our systematic approach ensures that there would be no problem while you would be on Tour. Still, should a problem occur, we remain available to you 24 x 7.

In today's hectic world, taking a break is a luxury. So when you finally get the chance to unwind, we want you to make the most of it.

  • At Infinite Journeys, we believe that each Guest is different and unique set of preferences. While each guest could choose from our carefully drafted itineraries, we encourage the guests to give us a detailed idea of the Holidays that they are looking at. We will make the necessary changes to suit their tastes.
  • You can then ask questions and suggest changes till you have a Holiday Plan that you are looking at. Ask 100 questions and we will try answering them all
  • At Infinite Journeys, we believe in giving you "Off-The-Beaten-Path Holidays" and "Unique Travel Experiences". In case you want Popular/Typical/Conventional Holidays, we could do that as well.
  • We DO NOT patronize any Hotels. We suggest only those Hotels that we think are right for you.

"Our Rates cannot be beaten. If there is a lower rate that's being offered to you, it perhaps isn't an honest quote."

  • We have the most honest pricing for our Conducted / Fixed Departure Holidays.
  • We offer you the best possible rates from our side which can be crosschecked from the official websites of the Resorts.
  • We are a Reasonable Big Size Company and are hence privy to best possible rates that a Resort or an Airline can offer. We operate on honest margins making our offered Rates very difficult to beat.
  • Nonetheless, should you find discrepancy in rates, do point out the same to us and we will try to match with the lower quote.
  • If at all there is a difference in the cost, it is because of:
    • Different Resort selection.
    • Different vehicle provided.
    • Mode of exploration (Seat-in-Coach / Private Transport)
    • Type of room (Standard / Delux / Suite / Valley Facing etc.)
    • Varying duration of stay
    • Hidden Costs / Fine Print
  • Hidden Cost / Fine Print are often used by many Web Portals / Travel Agencies which are often misguiding in nature. With us, there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Hidden Cost / Fine Print often is "taxes to be paid at the Resort", "Government Service Taxes is not included in the cost", "Interstate taxes and toll charges extra" etc.

Infinite Journeys Pvt. Ltd., India is an Active / Affiliate / Allied member of following Associations

  • TAFI : Travel Agents Federation of India.
  • ADTOI : Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India.
  • ETAA : Enterprising Travel Agents' Association.
  • TAAP : Travel Agent Association of Pune.
  • IAAI : IATA Agents Association Of India.

Infinite Journeys Exclusive Holidays

Our People

Rahul Rao  Director - Operations  Foliage Outdoors

One of the founder members of Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors, Rahul is an exceptional naturalist and a bird-watcher par excellence. Having travelled across the length and breadth of India for more than 20 years, he is very well-versed with flora and fauna of the forests. Gifted with sharp senses and powerful instincts, his birding skills always leave a person amazed.

In a lighter vein, it is said that he can spot a bird even with his eyes closed. It is certainly a case of being born with binocular vision. Rahul has extensively traveled in Indian Subcontinent, African Wilderness and has also been to Antartica. 

Abhay Ghanekar  Director - Marketing  Foliage Outdoors

Abhay is one of the founders of Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors and has a vast experience of more than 20 years of roaming in the wild. An excellent leader, Abhay is an expert bird-watcher and an equally good naturalist. Abhay has extensively traveled in Indian and African Wilderness. His recent exploration includes visit to Arctic Circle. 

A self-confessed foodie, you can be rest assured to have a blast having him around. A strict disciplinarian and with strong belief and emphasis on being on time everytime. He is also famous for his pranks as well as sharp cynicisms.

Rahul Bhusari  Director - Leisure Holidays  Infinite Journeys

One of the founders of Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors, Rahul is regarded as an ace administrator in the Team. An Engineer and MBA by qualification, he feels equally at-home amidst the forests and the wild denizens. Apart from his administrative expertise and penchant for perfection, he is also well-known for his great sense of humor and original PJs.

Gaurav Purohit  Director - Leisure Holidays  Infinite Journeys

One of the founders of Infinite Journeys and Foliage Outdoors, Gaurav comes across, at a first glance, as a serious, brooding and reserved person. However, know him more and you would surely encounter the funny side of him. Gaurav is an experienced naturalist and an expert bird watcher. He is most sought after by discerning travelers for planning their Holidays as they are sure that he can suggest lesser known locales and Resorts that perhaps no-one else is even aware of.

A self-confessed music-lover, Gaurav is an amateur guitarist himself. In Pune, you will always find him in office, being the first to reach office and last to leave. A man of few words, Gaurav does not fail to impress you by his witty remarks.

Mayuresh Borse  CEO  Foliage Outdoors.

Mayuresh, popularly known as Mayo is the work-horse of the organization. Those who meet him are always struck by his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Mayuresh is an engineer by degree and a hardcore wild-life enthusiast by choice. He is an avid birdwatcher and an absolute gadget freak. He 'minds our business' by scouting around for school trips that we customise. His crisis management skills are commendable and rest assured, any work entrusted to him is complete, well within deadlines and with the alloted resources.

Rupesh Ganbote   Infinite Journeys

His love affair with the railways began in the early 90’s. Rupesh claims railway is the wife he’s never going to divorce. He is been with Infinite Journeys since its inception. He practically knows every train name, its route and train number by heart.

Indian Railways is known to have a skewed demand and supply ratio and the train reservations are known to get over within two minutes of Reservation Charts opening. Infinite Journeys depend on the experience of Rupesh to secure the Railway Reservations for our guests in this challenging and complex Railway System

Shravni Deshpande   Infinite Journeys

A graduate in Sociology. Shravni, has also done Post Graduation Advance Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. She comes with an experience of 13 years in the field of air ticketing. Trust her to give you best prices for air travel; she’ll also help you secure your visas for different countries without much hassle.

Shravni is also a yoga enthusiast, practices and educates the art passionately.

Nitin Atmasiddha   Infinite Journeys

A man of few words, Nitin keeps track of all the money flowing in and out of the organization. His job responsibilities include interacting with banks, the Guests on matter of accounts and compliance with Government Authorities.

Infinite Journeys eats, breathes and dreams holidays…Nitin is the one who lets it do it.

Abhijit Ashturkar    Infinite Journeys

A bachelor in Economics, Abhijit also has a certificate course in Tourism to his credits.  A veteran of ten years in the Hospitality Industry; has enviable “Contacts” throughout India and the World. With him, at helm of affairs as far as communication with suppliers is concerned, there will be no case where you will be stranded in the Middle of Nowhere because of miscommunication. Necessarily a “behind the curtains” man, you will hardly ever be required to speak to him though he would remain available to you 24*7 while you would be on Tour.

He loves catching up with his friends and travelling new places is an added interest. 

Ajinkya Jadhav   Infinite Journeys

Ajinkya handles the Air Divison in IJPL front office. A BTec in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management and has to his credit  the experience of working with India's leading Airlines, Indigo and Spicjet. 
You will find him dealing with all your Air bookings, be it for Camps or Independent Travellers. He will deal with every Travel Assistance, Visa and Passport with the utmost patience and is well versed with the requirements. 
A shy person at first, he is comfortable with handling the clients and developes a good rapport with them !! 

Dipti Kulkarni   Infinite Journeys

A bachelor in commerce, Dipti has also completed a certification course in IATA. She loves working in travel planning and execution. With her good experience of 7 years in the industry, she can solve issue regarding the travel on a single phone call.  She loves to talk and so has best power to communicate with people and explain them the required information. She loves to explore new places and also likes to interact with people from different parts of the world. Apart from travelling, Dipti likes to Dance and she also makes creative items for decoration.

Shweta Bhat    Infinite Journeys

A Bachelor in Geography, MBA in Tourism, Bollywood Movie Buff, a complete foodie, state level cricket player and a hobby swimmer is what describes Shweta.

She has been exploring India since 10 years and her love for exploring new places lead her to join Infinite Journeys to share new experiences and plan amazing holidays for our Guests.

Shweta is currently working as a Travel Counsellor at Infinite Journeys.

Nikhil V Patil  Head - Operations  Foliage Outdoors

Nikhil Patil is a Hotel and Business Management professional by qualification. He  strives to bring innovation in every aspect of work. He loves Off-Roading, biking and never misses a chance to participate in it. A nationalist at heart, he takes every step possible to help us remember the important events in Indian History. To sum up, Nikhil is someone who comes across as a friendly and easy going person and never fails to impress you with his abundant source of information and enthusiasm.

Nikhil handles Operations at Foliage Outdoors. 

We are a team of experienced, passionate and dependable world travelers that is committed to provide exciting experiences and crucial insights to our discerning guests. We eat, sleep and breathe Holidays. We are Team Infinite Journeys!!!

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