Tour to Sangla (Himachal Pradesh) : Walks, Hikes and more…

Sangla is a small village, comfortably snuggled between the valleys of the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. Let’s take you on a Tour to Sangla (Himachal Pradesh) and advise you on the scenic Walks, Hikes and more activities that you can opt for there…

If you are looking for unheard places to visit, look no further than Sangla in Himachal Pradesh, a Himalayan state in North India . But first…

A lil’ bit about Sangla…
We want to tell you how beautiful Sangla is, but first, let’s talk about its location. Sangla valley is located about 200 kilometres east of Shimla. The Tibet border lies further to its east, at about 80 kilometres.
{Where is Sangla? / Sangla is in Himachal Pradesh / Click here for the Map}
Sangla Valley and its many surrounding villages remain one of the most untouched places in Himachal Pradesh. The river flowing through the valley ensures that the region remain lush green. At 8,600 feet, the climate in the valley is favorable, offering a range of modern-day amenities and activities. You can enjoy undisturbed walks around the valley where peace and silence will follow you.

Where should you stay in Sangla?
For this tour, we advise you to stay at one of the most beautiful resorts of Himachal Pradesh – Banjara Camps & Retreat!
Located at 8,860 feet, this resort has the backdrop of the tall snow-clad mountains. Tuck yourself in one of their fully-furnished rooms or tents that are surrounded by scores of apple trees. Relax in a hammock swing, challenge your tour-mates to a game of chess, pick fresh fruits from trees, read a book, or just watch the mountain birds.
The association of Banjara Camps and Infinite Journeys / Foliage Outdoors is more than a decade-and-a-half years and we share the common theme of comforts-in-the-offbeat-destinations. Our Group Tours stay at Banjara too.

The stay at Sangla, at Banjara Camps and Retreat, has the backdrop of snow-clad peaks and is next to Baspa River.
The stay at Sangla has the backdrop of snow-clad peaks and is next to Baspa River.

Sangla – An all year round destination
It is spring and the state of Himachal Pradesh has just opened up nature’s treasure chest!
Summer means that the temperatures are comfortable during the day and at night. Average temperatures range between a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius. This makes the summer months from March to June an ideal time to visit. Activities like hiking, trekking, nature walks and camping are best enjoyed during these months.
Spring also sees the apple trees bloom to its full glory. Sangla is often called the ‘apple district’ of Himachal so there is no better time to visit than between March and June to see trees in blossoms.

The month of September will be harvesting season for Apples and you will see the Orchards with trees that are Apple-laden.
Months from September to November offer delightful weather conditions. The washed-up nature and the slight chill in the air make these months favourable to visit. Average temperatures range between a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 7 degrees Celsius. Activities like nature walks, trekking, and camping can be enjoyed during these months. The wildflowers can be seen in full bloom during this time.

Winters will have snowfall and the temperatures in negative. With hardly any travelers in these months, the snow-lovers could make Sangla their adobe for winters!

Snow walks are possible till April-May at Chitkul, near Sangla.
Chitkul (Sangla Region) has snow till April / May. Image : Rahul Bhusari
The probability of clear weather in Sangla is more in March, October, November.
The probability of clear weather is more in March, October, November. Clear blue skies is a sight to behold. Image : Rahul Bhusari
In March, the trees are laden with Apple blossoms in Sangla.
In March, the trees are laden with Apple blossoms. Walks through blossom paths is a bliss! Image : Rahul Bhusari

What to expect while on the tour?
Now coming to the fun part. What to expect when you sign up for the Sangla tour? Well, for starters, you will witness the gorgeous snow-clad Himalayan peaks! Follow the pointers below and ensure you have an adventurous trip and also not miss out on the amazing sights that Himachal Pradesh has to offer.
{Those who love the bazaars and Video Parlours of a typical Hill Station must stay-away from Sangla. There are no TVs and Acs in the rooms!
Those who love pristine weather, less crowds, long walks in the hills and great conversations over bonfire would positively love Sangla!}

A stroll along the Baspa River
The Baspa is one of the most beautiful rivers to walk along in Himachal Pradesh. The river flows with a mellow harmony amidst the fragrant pine forests of Himachal. Located right next to the Banjara Camps, go on many exploratory walks along the river.
How does the lush apple orchards against the backdrop of snow-clad mountain peaks sound like?

Baspa River flows along in Chitkul and Sangla.
Baspa River in Chitkul. The same river flows through Sangla and we stay next to it!!! Your morning walks are along the River. What else would one want from life / holidays? 🙂 Image : Rahul Bhusari

A leisurely walk to the Batseri village
As you cross the river, you will find yourself in Batseri. This Himalayan village is something you see in storybooks. Woody rustic houses, meandering streets, crimson apple laden trees, and of course, the Himalayan range of hills! Take your time talking to the locals, exploring the village, and enjoy the simplicity to your heart’s content.

The temple in the quaint village of Batseri.
The temple in the quaint village of Batseri. Image : Amar Gore

Continue a long and easy walk to the Raksham village
Raksham is yet another beautiful village located in the valley. Enjoy a long and easy walk to the village is the signature walk of Sangla. Here you can explore the surroundings at your own pace. Forested and alpine areas all around you, this sure is going to be an unforgettable walk.

Hike to the Sangla Meadows
Along the way, enjoy the views of the Kinner Kailash range of mountains. Enjoy the sunshine-filled moments at the meadow – where wildflowers and tall grasses dance to nature’s music. For those who do not wish to hike, do not stress, we have a drive arranged for you.

The 6 kms Sangla Meadows (Kanda) is highly rewarding and offers ultimate views.
The 6 kms Sangla Meadows (locally called as kanda) is highly rewarding and offers ultimate views! Image : Amar Gore

Drive to Chitkul – the last village before the Indo-Tibet border
Chitkul is yet another beautiful village in the Kinnaur Valley. A short yet scenic drive from Sangla takes you to Chitkul, which is also the last village before the Indo-Tibet border. Once here, you can explore the village on foot. You can also embark on a short hike to Nagasthi – beyond which there is no civilian population.
Interestingly, this place has हिन्दुस्थान का आखरी ढाबा the last dhaba of India.

Beautiful Chitkul village which is the last village on Indian side.
Chitkul and River Baspa. Image : Ashutosh Purandare

Bonfires and barbeques!
At the end of the day, gather up! Bonfires mean fun, freedom, excitement, and adventure. Lite up the night, as you warm your hands and face, and talk about all the wonderful things. Exchange the tales of your travel experiences, eat, and enjoy till the glowing embers die. Every now and then, take a moment to look up at the sky and be amazed by the grand display of our Milky Way!

Bonfire and barbeques in the evening at Sangla.
Barbeque over bonfire for the chilley evenings. Image : Amar Gore

Foliage Outdoors has some flexible departures to Sangla – Himachal Pradesh that will ensure you have that much-deserved break. With safety being our priority, we have norms and protocols in place due to the on-going COVID events. Parents and kids, be rest assured, our tours are safe!

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